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Merging Technology and Design beautifully

Building automation brings together comfort, safety, convenience, and energy-efficiency. Our vision is to realize the potential of German Jung and KNX technology in the US making smart technology the standard for21st-century building installations

Imagine your quality of life when the buildings you inhabit anticipate your needs and respond intuitively. With our modern networked buildings that’s the reality our clients already enjoy.  Seeland-Jung USA is dedicated to unifying technology, sustainability, and aesthetics.

Smart control of electrical systems includes lighting ,heating, ventilation, and air conditioning. Our automation also extends to security systems, audio-visual windows and shades, and household appliances, using smart switches, controllers, routers, interfaces, and detectors.  

We’ve delivered custom automation for over 15 years in spectacular metropolitan high-rise developments, luxury resort hotels, civic spaces and intimate private residencies. No matter the scale, our technology lives seamlessly within your design ethos..

A State of  the Art Commitment

We use products exclusively produced in Germany for high quality and durability. You can expect progressive, intelligent, state-of-the-art solutions that transcend regular electrical installation, completely transforming buildings and placing you in full control.

With a matchless track record of excellence, Seeland-Jung USA consistently distinguishes itself in the industry with ground-breaking global KNX standard. In turn, we take seriously our responsibility to replicate pace-setting expertise through KNX certification training centers.

Our Mission

Our goal is simple: to transform the way people interact with their built environment. Building automation is functional, sustainable, and yes, beautiful.

Services We Provide



Conceptualization. Working with you, our experts will layout a smart KNX design that meets automation needs. Identify components and connections needed for full smart control and functionality in floor plan or electrical plan of the building.



With the design completed, we create a comprehensive technical folder that includes step-by-step guidelines for the installation team. Then we supervise and monitor the installation onsite to ensure adherence to our exacting standards. Communications tests are before walls are closed.


Programming and Commissioning

Most of the programming is done offsite. With installation complete, onsite programming brings the project to life.  This commissioning phase is a few hours for a home and a few days for a commercial building.

Lighting Design

You are in control

After commissioning, we provide all the specialized controls, so you are confident and comfortable with the technology. On day 1 we want you to experience the potential of living or working in a smart building that will adjust to your unique needs.  With the simple push of a button, control the temperature, ventilation, illumination, incoming sunlight, ventilation, security, and media. You will have the utmost control with maximum energy efficiency.

Lighting Design

Lighting Design

Lighting is – of course – more than illumination. Using smart light the possibilities are endless for customized moods, creating your desired ambience in each room. Lighting design is one of our particular passions. We partner with DeltaLight US, working with clients to transform interiors and maximize the impact of décor, art and furnishings.

Lighting Design

KNXpertise for your Team

As the most reliable, innovative, and environmentally friendly modern building automation technology in the world, KNX is in high demand. KNX offers unmatched simplicity, flexibility, and control. Add KNXproficiency to your portfolio of technical skills and join us in making KNX the global  standard for excellence in building automation. Ask us about our comprehensive training program.

Our partners


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