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Merging tech and sophistication beautifully

We’re promoting a lifestyle of utmost comfort, safety, and energy-efficiency, merging technology and sophistication. Our vision is to bring all the potential of German Jung and KNX technology to the US market and beyond, and make smart technology the standard for 21st-century building installations.

Imagine living or working in a building that is smart enough to take the right actions at the right time on its own. With our effective building automation the dream becomes a reality, one that we are delighted to create for our clients and end users . In the ever-changing landscape of the age of technology, Seeland-Jung USA is dedicated to bridging frontline building automation tech and perfect aesthetics.

We provide the full-spectrum of KNX products and services tailored to meet the building automation needs of our clients. From the design stage to commissioning, we are committed to seeing our projects through until our clients are completely satisfied.

We deliver the ability to manage and monitor a building’s energy usage and facade conveniently and smartly, as well as gain full control over all electrical systems including lighting, heating, ventilating, and air conditioning. Our automation also extends to intruder alarms, audio-visual systems, windows and blinds, and household appliances, using smart switches, controllers, routers, interfaces, and detectors.   It’s all customized and designed, build to an standard to suit your interior design and lifestyle.


Our products are made in Germany.


Seeland-JUNG history covers over 15 years of KNX based project activity.


Our aim is flexibility, simplicity, and future-proofing delivered in a modular approach.


Seeland-JUNG activity is aimed at offering the ideal partnership for KNX capability development with a clear emphasis on Service and support.

Excellence and Top-Notch Quality

Using products that are exclusively produced in Germany for high quality and durability, we step in to provide progressive, intelligent, state-of-the-art solutions that transcend regular electrical installation, completely transform your building, and give you full control.

With over 15 years of experience and a matchless track record of excellence, Seeland-Jung USA consistently distinguishes itself in the industry with ground-breaking KNX solutions. And because we believe in replicating our expertise to meet the high market demand in our industry, we also partnering with KNX certification training centers in the USA to enable our clients to expand their knowledge and self reliance.

Innovation Meets Convenience

Combining innovation and convenience, we offer you full control of your home or office, as it should be. We are passionate about introducing intelligence to buildings and creating homes and commercial buildings that can intelligently take care of the functions of safety, comfort, and energy-saving.

We aim for flexibility, simplicity, and comprehensive futureproofing delivered using a modular approach that we have developed over the years and persistently improve upon. With a clear focus on excellent service and reliable support, our desire is to offer our clients the ideal partnership for KNX capability development. Our service encompasses the full configuration and setup to transform your building into a fully sustainable and self-sufficient facility.

Our Mission

We’re out to create standard modular solutions that transform and ease the way you live and work. We are determined to carry our clients along, working with them from conception to completion and ensuring that they get nothing short of the best in building automation.

Services We Provide


Automation Design

We conceptualize the project putting all variables into consideration. Working with you, our experts will lay out a smart KNX design that is sure to take care of all your automation needs. This is achieved by incorporating all the components and connections needed to give you the full smart control and functionality that you need into the floor plan or electrical plan of your building.



With the design completed, we create a comprehensive technical folder that includes step-by-step guidelines for the installation team. Then we supervise and monitor the installation onsite, ensuring that all components and wires are connected perfectly. A communication test is performed to see that the system is working optimally before we close the walls.


Programming and Commissioning

Most of the programming is done offsite with the guide of the design while the installation is going on. With installation complete, onsite programming begins to bring the setup to life. It may take a few hours for a home and a few days for a commercial building. This is the commissioning phase of the project.

Lighting Design

Who is in control? You are!

After commissioning, we provide all the specialized controls you need that will put you in full charge of your home or office and ensure that on day 1 you are living or working in a smart building  that you can control and adjust to your changing  needs. With the simple push of a button, control the temperature, ventilation, illumination, incoming sunlight, ventilation, and other factors, to give you the utmost comfort with maximum energy efficiency.

Lighting Design

Lighting Design, let’s set the mood!

Lighting should provide more than mere illumination. Using smart light, we help you create a completely customized light moods with varying intensities and colors that you can control to suit your mood and needs.

Our creative and multi-functional lighting designs take cognizance of the shape and size of your room and provide the right light positioning for ideal radiance to suit various purposes and set the mood for different times and situations. Lighting design is one of our specialties and we are happy to help you get your lighting to perfectly accentuate your interior décor, art and furnishings and help you relax and enjoy your space to the max.

Lighting Design

KNX Training is easier than you think!

This training is relevant to all who are interested in learning how to design, program, and install KNX components and systems. As the most reliable, innovative, and environmentally friendly building automation technology in the world, KNX is in high demand. KNX offers unmatched simplicity, flexibility, and control. Knowledge in this area can serve as a valuable addition to your skillset or even a new career and primary source of income.

Learning the workings of building automation is easier than you think. With the in-depth KNX training course, your company can be a self-reliant Jung-KNX Expert in no time.

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